This is a selected discography meant to highlight the various records and tracks that Tony has been involved as a musician, studio engineer, mixer, and mastering engineer.

Tony Rondini – Slow Burn (2022)

Newest Release – March 2022. Recorded and mixed at Zorro Somnoliento Studio, Driftwood, Texas. Drum tracks recorded by Nico Leophonte at Alnico Studio / Austin, Texas. Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering / Austin, Texas Artwork and package design by Billy Perkins.

All songs © 2022 Tony Rondini (BMI) and Van Wilks (BMI)
Produced by Tony Rondini and Van Wilks
Tony Rondini, Guitar and Vocal
Chris Maresh, Bass
Nico Leophonte, Drums
Van Wilks: Guitar on A Smile for Birdy
Billy Young: Hammond Organ on Understand Love and Broken Gun
Sue Rondini: Hand Claps on Mississippi

Tony Rondini- Slow Burn 2022

Tony Rondini – No Use for the Blues (2015)

Tony’s debut record, released in 2015. Recorded and engineered at Chimney Window Studio, Wethersfield, Connecticut. Joined by several local musicians, this recording brings together a variety of Rock and Blues songs in a sophisticated and cohesive package.

Tony Rondini – No Use for the Blues (2015)

Reena Hart – Waiting for You (2013)

Singer songwriter Reena Hart’s debut album was released in 2013. The collection of 12 songs were recorded, engineered, and mastered by Tony at Chimney Window Studio, Wethersfield, Connecticut. Tony performs all of the instruments on this record.

Reena Hart – Waiting for You (2013)

Wayne Gamache – Get In the Game (2018)

This release from Wayne Gamache includes a number of tracks co-written by Tony and featured on lead guitar. “Gimme Some” and “Don’t Hand Me Down the Blues” are both examples of Tony (co-writer and guitarist) and Wayne (co-writer and vocals) bringing stylized rockers to the forefront of this amazing CD. Tony also contributes lead guitar to a number of the blistering rock songs including “Overdrive” and “Voodoo Woman”.

Wayne Gamache – Get in the Game (2018)

HardKnox Releases:

HardKnox “I’m in Love Again” Single 45RPM (1981)

Tony joined the band HardKnox as lead guitar/vocal in late 1980. The rest of the line up consisted of Wayne Gamache (lead vocal/guitar), Tom Marak (bass/vocals), Bob Barger (drums), and Joe Santangelo (keyboards/vocals). This band would release HardKnox’s second single “I’m in Love Again”, with the flipside “On My Way” in 1981. Those songs would later find their way on the remastered version of the HardKnox RoughCut CD.

HardKnox 45RPM Single (1981)

HardKnox RoughCut (2020/1983)

In 1983 HardKnox released a six song vinyl EP which is often called “RouchCut”. Amazingly the vinyl is still in circulation and can found at times for sale on various vintage collectable record sites. Original members Wayne Gamache and Tom Marak along with Tony decided to digitally remaster the original EP and add the two songs from the 1981 single release “I’m in Love Again” and release it on CD in 2020. Tony performed the digital remastering in his studio Zorro Somnoliento / Driftwood Texas.

HardKnox RoughCut CD (2020)
HardKnox RoughCut EP (1983)

HardKnox Redux (2020)

This 15 track CD was a new venture for the three HardKnox members (Tony Rondini, Wayne Gamache, and Tom Marak) and presents a number of songs that were being recorded for a new full length vinyl record before the band split up in 1983. This CD contains new recordings of those songs with a more contemporary feel. In addition, two live recordings were selected within the vast archives of cassette tapes recorded during the 1980’s live performances. This is a real slick combination of old and new.

HardKnox Redux (2020)